Estimating the Program Cost

Tuition and Fees

Every semester, the university updates the costs of tuition and fees. The MSOT program covers 7 semesters. Please recognize that tuition and fees for the summer sessions are calculated differently than for regular fall and spring semesters. The guide below will help you determine the anticipated tuition cost by using the numbers located under “Main Campus” on the Tuition and Fees website. Please make sure you look at the appropriate fees (undergraduate/graduate and in-state/out-of-state). Here you will find pdfs with the costs by semester. The chart at the bottom of the page provide estimates for in and out of state students. These charts are based on 2018 fees are for estimation purposes only and some variability may exist by student.

The Graduate School also offers a Cost Estimator which also estimates the amount of Financial Aid you may be eligible to receive.

Professional School Tuition Fees

There is a required fee for professional students in the College of Allied Health Sciences. These fees vary by program. As a student in the professional MSOT program, all students are charged a tuition differential based on the number of credits for the semester and ranges from approximately $500-$1000 per semester. This cost is NOT included on the Tuition and Fee Schedule sheets identified above. Please keep this in mind when calculating anticipated costs.


The books you purchase for the MSOT program will become part of your professional library. Many of them are used in multiple courses and will be excellent resources for fieldwork and as you begin practice after graduation. It is anticipated you will spend approximately $1500 in books with the majority of that cost being the first 2 semesters.


Students are not responsible for locating their own fieldwork placements. The program will provide those for the student through a collaborative process of selection. Most of the fieldwork placements do occur within the state of North Carolina and you should recognize there may be extra cost associated with travel to a fieldwork site or housing during the time of the placement. Students enrolled in fieldwork will also be paying tuition for those credits during that time.


Depending on the research project in which a student is participating, there may be associated research costs that should be under $200 per student. The research advisor works to keep the cost of research down for the students.

Example Estimate based on 202-2021 rates (Does NOT account for changes in tuition and fees or professional school tuition fees)

Chart with Tuition and Fees